Find money hidden in your paycheck in four easy steps
Find money hidden in your paycheck in four easy steps

Find money hidden in your paycheck in four easy steps

Banking 08 February, 2023 10:32 AM

Everyone wants to earn money with little or no effort. It may seem like a distant dream, but there are a few ways to make a few bucks while you're already idle online. Here are four legitimate sources of income you can add to your cash flow.

Contact the government.

You may have money to claim. You can check whether there are any arrears, such as overpayment or overdue wages, on the Unclaimed Tax website.

This site is operated by the US government and is available to anyone residing in that state.

The easiest way to find money is to click on the "Search by State" link, then search for your first name and previous name, such as your maiden name, and the state you have lived in. Follow the on-screen instructions to receive your check.

US citizens can also check foreign claim links for money owed to them by foreign governments.

Don't you think you're in debt?

My husband and I got checks for hundreds of dollars that we didn't even know we owed


If you shop regularly at Walmart, you can use the Walmart app to get cash back. Just download the Walmart app for Android or iPhone, tap the Savings Catcher icon, and scan your receipt every time you shop. The app will look for a better deal in your area, and if it finds one, your account will receive the difference. The money is then deposited into a Walmart gift card.

Or shop elsewhere to make money.

Don't shop at Walmart? are you okay. Download the cashback app that works with various stores. For example, Ibotta offers cashback on purchases and pays via PayPal, Venmo or gift cards.

Ebates is another app that gives you money back when you shop and pay with check or PayPal.

It also provides online coupons and sale notifications from your favorite stores.

How do these applications work? The store pays affiliate advertising in the app for links to the store website. In return, the app pays a portion of that fee.

Using Extensions One of my favorite ways to "find" money is with a Chrome extension.

Every time you buy online, our extension finds you a better deal or coupon.