Make better financial decisions & reach your financial goals with confidence. Save more money, Get a personalized budget, Stay on top of monthly bills, Monitor your investments.

What you can do with Quicken:

  1. See all your financial accounts in a single dashboard
  2. Automatically downloads & categorizes transactions
  3. Get a personalized budget automatically generated based on income, expenses & savings
  4. Create & track your progress toward short & long-term savings goals
  5. Use powerful timely insights & notifications to reach goals with confidence
  6. Manage personal & business finances together & separately
  7. Get built-in Schedule C & E tax reports, P&L, cash flow & more
  8. Manage tenants, payments, expenses, lease terms, rates, deposits and more
  9. Store business & rental property documents
  10. Track & grow your investment portfolio with the most robust tools available
  11. Maximize tax benefits & ease prep with built-in tax reports
  12. Track & pay your bills from Quicken
  13. Get priority access to customer support
  14. Connect banking, credit cards, loans, investments & property
  15. Track monthly bills & see where your money is going
  16. Manage and grow your savings to achieve your financial goals
  17. Create a customized 12-month budget & ensure spending matches your goals
  18. Project different scenarios for loans & investments; use built-in calculators to plan ahead
  19. Create fully customizable views and reports to see your finances your way

Why Quicken?

Trusted for 40 years

#1 best-selling with 20+ million customers over four decades.

Bank-grade security

Quicken protects your data with robust 256-bit encryption.

Won’t sell your data

Privacy matters. We’re ad-free, and we’ll never sell your data.

30-day money-back guarantee

Get a full refund if you cancel for any reason in the first 30 days.

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