Onward enables you to split each expense with your co-parent without having to rely on unnecessary and emotionally-charged text conversations. You can now propose how you would like to split a particular expense, share the details with your co-parent, and settle up directly in the app once you hook up your bank account or via our connections to apps such as Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or CashApp.

Onward lets you keep track of:

  • What you've spent
  • What they've spent
  • How much is owed by each parent
  • Settling up on expenses

We understand that co-parenting can be difficult, so we’ve created a one-stop child expense tracker to make things easier. With Onward, you can now avoid awkward text messages about money and easily add expenses, share them, and pay your co-parent back right from within the app!

Onward also helps you and your co-parent see what you are spending on your children to help you improve transparency and better plan for your children’s future. That means you can ditch the messy budgeting and expense spreadsheets!

We are on a mission to improve the lives of co-parents and help them build happier homes for their children. You can count on Onward to handle all expense-related communication with your co-parent so that you don't have to. Add your expenses, upload receipts and split them with your co-parent so you can both easily track your money!

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